Welcome to Explorer Thailand


That’s the word we use to greet people in Thailand. We are pleased to have this opportunity in welcoming you to Thailand, a country with all kinds of attractions from natural beauty to colorful nightlife, from ancient relics to modern comforts, from elegant handicrafts to warm hospitality. The objective of this website is to serve you, both actual and potential tourists, by providing you with useful accurate and up-to-date information, in words, photos and maps and by introducing to you through advertisement some of the best goods and services Thailand has to offer. We sincerely hope that the information and guidance given by this website will make your visit more rewarding and more enjoyable.

Travel through Thailand is really easy. The country is a well worn destination on the backpacking trail and everything is convenient and easy. Though well on the map, there are still good destinations to visit away from the tourist masses and prices. Overall, Thailand speaks for itself. It’s so well known around the world that when you hear the word, you already think about beaches, beauty, jungles, and food. And your thoughts are dead on.

Have a nice holiday and Welcome to the Land of Smile!