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There are so many things to do in Thailand that any list would be incomplete. These top things to do will give you some of the most popular ideas for what to do and this might help you decide how to spend the most of your stay in the “Land of Smile”.


Tour Bangkok’s Wats

One of the best ways to get a feel for the Thai way of life is to take a tour of Bangkok’s Wats (Buddhist temples). You will no doubt be entranced by the architecture and artful creations as much as by the spirituality beheld within. No Thailand travel tour is complete without a visit to the Emerald Buddha and Wat Pho.


Cruise the “River of Kings”

Simply by taking a riverboat cruise down the River of Kings, you can get an incredible education in the history and lore of the region. In Thailand, the river is a source of life and it’s clearly evident as you witness riverside life and culture in its entire splendor.



Take a memorable train trip across the notorious River Kwai Bridge at Kanchanaburi.

The world-famous Bridge Over River Kwai is a long-standing reminder of the POWs who lost their lives in World War II, and it can be an emotional visit. No visit to the bridge is complete without also visiting the war museum nearby to get a sense of the achievement and the tragedy of the time.



Get to know Northern Thailand better

particularly the remote provinces of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son by trekking, riding an elephant or rafting through this spectacular region. Check out the Golden Triangle, where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet.



Try Snorkeling

With unbelievable views both above and below the water, taking a Koh Tao and Koh Nangyuan Snorkeling Trip at Koh Samui will leave you breathless (in a good way!). Bright colors surround you as you dive below the crystal waters. Between the coral and the playful fish, you’ll appreciate the brilliant hues and the ebb and flow of underwater life. Leave the comforts of your hotel  behind and take a dive into the beautiful waters of the country.



Take part in a Thai Holiday

You can see a different side of the Thai people and you’ll enjoy a lot too. There are many to choose from: Loy Krathong (night of the full moon in November), Celebrated everywhere. Songkran,Thai new years, is also very fun (april 13-15th) Celebrated everywhere. The king’s birthday (December 5th), Celebrated in  Krung Tep. The Rocket Festival (2nd week of May) Celebrated in the North-East. The Vegetarian Festival (late September to early October) celebrated in Trang and Phuket.



Explore Caves by Canoe

These caves and “Hongs” were previously undiscovered until 1990. Along with a guide, traverse the hidden waterways past centuries old stalactites until you reach the secluded Thailand beaches where you can stop for a swim in the warm water.



Visit a National Park or Two (or 10)

Thailand has one of the best National Parks systems in the world. There are over 70 National Parks in Thailand, with everything you can imagine, Waterfalls, Mountains, elephants, Tropical fish, Caves, all kinds of birds and much more. They are fun, cheap and you generally don’t need any special gear to go most places.



Treat yourself to a Thai massage

…and you’ll never regret it. Although a traditional Thai massage can be a little harsh for many people if you’re not used to it, but it’s definitely a great way to de-stress your body. If you’re not into the less-than-gentle manipulations, then try a foot massage instead.



Shop at Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok

The largest outdoor market in Asia, Chatuchak Market has more than 14,000 stalls and sells everything from clothing to shoes, animals to furniture, flowers to food, books to jewelry. It’s all at Chatuchak (known as J.J. by the locals) and, as bartering is not only recommended but required, the prices are cheap too. Next to Mo Chit sky train station, you can’t miss it, especially because there’ll be 200,000 other people there.



Shop at the Floating Markets

Outside of Bangkok, you can ride a long-tail riverboat down the river to the Floating Market, where vendors have their wares for sale on hundreds of Thai canoes. As far as Thailand transportation, or how to get around the country is concerned, this is a real treat. Everything from sweets, meats, vegetables and fruits are on display in a dizzying array of appealing colors and scents. It’s like no market you’ve ever visited before.


The Bangkok Night life and Restaurants are just amazing!

The stunning Thai cuisine is worth exploring and sampling as there’s so much variety to choose from. With plenty of entertainment to suit every possible taste, style and preference, there is so much to explore and enjoy here that you’ll be returning to your hotel in the early hours of the morning.



Watch Muay Thai (Thai kick-boxing) match

This traditional sport can be seen every day of the year at the major stadiums in both Bangkok and the provinces. Thai boxing matches are preceded by elaborate ceremonies and accompanied by lively music.




Try Thai cooking at one of many cooking schools

Learn how to blend the many herbs and spices that provide the unique flavors of Thai food.




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