Chiang Mai Shopping














When it comes to shopping, Chiang Mai is just a maze of spectacular shops. Not just the price is impressive but the immensity of goods offered. Everything you have in mind you’ll surely find it here. The bustling Night Bazaar is the best place for souvenirs, shopping malls of course offers the latest brand in fashion. Weekend markets also offer almost everything too. Basically, there is something for everyone here.


Night Bazaar

Night Bazaar is the popular place to shop in Chiang Mai. It entices huge numbers of foreign visitors. It is located between Chang Klan road and Loi Khro Road. It takes almost four blocks of Chang Klan Road. It consists of hundred of stalls. The night bazaar offers range of Northern Thai and hilltribe handicraft products including artwork, clothes, carving, fabrics, jewelries and much more. The assortment is really amazing but some of the more popular items on offer are CD’s, DVD’s, clothes, shoes, Thai silk, handbags, house wares, furnitures and antiques. Night Bazaar operates daily between sunset and midnight. Prices in the night bazaar aren’t fixed so don’t forget to do a bit of haggling to get the best deal. When haggling with Thais remember to smile and be light hearted and friendly.


Weekend Market

Weekend market is also known as Walking Street Market or Sunday Market as market opens every Sunday from 4pm until midnight. Weekend market starts at the Tha Pae Gate and runs along the Ratchadamnoen Road, The street is closed to traffic to give way to Weekend Market which becomes an institution in Chiang Mai.

The wide range of merchandise available is made from excellent array of materials including ceramics, coconut, fabrics, papers, woods, metals amongst others. You will enjoy the surprises you will discover in this market. Don’t forget to bargain with a smile.


Warorot Market

If you want to see and feel the real Thai life, visit Warorot Market known locally as Kad Luang. It is situated in a sprawling building and is a place to go to find almost anything

The lower level is for people who are keen on both fresh, dried and packaged food, and other food stuffs, you can also try the Northern food specialties like Chiang Mai sausage, deep fried pork rinds and their spicy dipping sauce. There are many stalls and shops that sell all kinds of household goods and with cheaper price than any other market. Everything you need to set up a home is available here so this is a perfect place for people moving to Chiang Mai.



Central Shopping Plaza

This is a shopping mall with a western atmosphere with department store, fast food chains and movie theaters, so if you want a break from traditional market this is the place to be. This sprawling mall is located on Huay Kaew Road, in a four story building.



Central Airport Plaza

Central Airport plaza is a posh shopping destination in Chiang Mai. Inside it, you can find the Robinson’s Department store where branded stuffs are being sold; there are also plenty of specialty shops selling fabulous stuffs that you couldn’t resist. Prices here are usually fixed but still quite reasonable.




Baan Tawai

This is the best place in Thailand to buy antiques, home furnishing and decorative arts. Baan Tawai is home to dozens of wood working shops and factories. It is located about 12 km to the east of the city, off the Hang Dong Road.



Borsang Umbrella Village

Borsang is famed for handmade umbrellas made from bamboo, silk, cotton and rice paper. Villagers of Borsang have been engaged in this delicately hand painted craft for at least 200 years. Visitors to Borsang will be delighted to see hundreds of colorful designs and sizes of umbrellas. The village is located north of Chiang Mai along Sankhampaeng Road where it meets the Doi Saket Road.



Muang Noi Market

Chiang Mai’s best place for fresh fruits is Muang Noi market, a mere ten minutes walk north from Warorot Market.