The Central Region















This is where Bangkok is located. Central Thailand is the basin of the Chao Phraya River. It is fed by a large network of canals and rivers in a lush, fertile valley supporting vast fields of rice, sugar cane, pineapples and other fruit. It is the richest and most extensive rice-producing area in the country and has often been called the “Rice Bowl of Asia”. Two places that you should see are Erawan National Park and Sai Yok National Park which are well known for many of their spectacular waterfalls. The former capitol of Ayutthaya is located to the north and is something that should not be missed. The old temples and ruins in this city date back to the year 1350. Another place to visit is the city of Kanchanaburi which is located west of Bangkok. It has the Death Railway Bridge used in WWII, more commonly known as The Bridge on the River Kwai made famous by the movie of the same name.


BANGKOK is  the capital of Thailand. A metropolis where one can find both old and new, East and West, traditional and fashionable, blended together in a harmonious way. There are several magnificent Buddhist Temples inside the city and well-known attractions on its outskirts.

NAKHON PATHOM is the town that boasts the tallest Buddhist pagoda both in Thailand and in the world. The greatest Elephant show in Thailand can be seen here.  (56 km from Bangkok)

SAMUT PRAKAN also known as Pak Nam, is situated at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River and has countless tourist attractions such as historical sites, old markets and indigenous lifestyles along the canals. The largest crocodile farm in the world is situated here.  (29 km from Bangkok)

SAMUT SONGKHRAM highlights King Rama II Memorial Park and Amphawa Floating Market. Those who love experience the local lifestyles have many choices of home stay programmes to choose from. ( 63 km from Bangkok)

LOP BURI is famous for shrines in the Khmer style, the remains of King Narai’s palaces of the 17thcentury, and the sunflower fields ( 153 km from Bangkok)


AYUTTHAYA today visited chiefly as a historical site, especially the World Heritage Historic City  of Ayutthaya and associated Historic Towns, Bang Pa-in Palace, and Bang Sai Folk Arts and Crafts Centre are places inclusion in a one day tour. ( 76 km from Bangkok.)

PHETCHABURI has many tourist attractions, including the famous Cha-am Beach and many other beaches, scenic mountains, limestone caves, historical sites, and ancient temples. (123 km from Bangkok)

PRACHUAP KHIRI KHAN is well known for Klai Kwan Palace, a summer palace of the King and the Royal Family, the oldest beach resort Hua Hin and Khao Samroi Yot National Park. Another famous attraction is the 12 -km-long Ban Krut Beach. Prachuap Khiri Khan Bay is scenic and suitable for sport activities. (281 km from Bangkok