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You may wonder what is so great about visiting Thailand. Each year, millions take part in Thailand holiday travel. In fact, The Kingdom of Thailand attracts more visitors than any other South East Asian country. It is amazingly gifted by the Mother Nature as the country offers something forever for visitors. It is dotted with magnificent attractions like scintillating beaches to the thick forest to the inspiring temples,  throbbing nightlife captivates and the welcoming hospitality make the tourist feel at ease. No wonder the visitors multiplied every year.

Some of Thailand’s land and seascapes are among the most easily recognized in the world. There’s the postcard shot of Phuket’s white sand beach with turquoise waters. Hollywood movies have also had famous scenes shot here – James Bond “The Man with the Golden Gun” movie and “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Along the Mekong river you’ll find picturesque farming villages and to the north, colorful hilltribes and ancient walled cities.

Apart from all the rich culture and traditions and the inviting tourist attractions brings not only pleasant experience but at the same time lots of smile on their faces. So visit this wonderful country of Southeast Asia and enjoy the most appreciated moments of lifetime in a delightful and memorable way.


Thailand has a very long and magnificent history. Proof of this can be seen in the countless historical sites spread throughout all regions of the kingdom. With five UNESCO-listed historical World Heritage Sites and many more potential candidates, Thailand has made great contributions to the international cultural heritage.

The two most prominent ‘must-see’ historical sites in Thailand are Sukhothai Historical Park and Ayutthaya Historical Park. Both places are designated as world heritage sites and both attract millions of admirers annually, who come to see the evidence of Siam’s former glory. More Info…



Thailand has about 2,000 miles of tropical coastline, so there are hundreds of beaches and islands to choose from. The tourist industry is well developed so transport links are efficient. You have a huge choice of restaurants and nightlife, a phenomenal range of shopping, and plenty of chances to ride elephants, trek through the jungle or go fishing. There is spectacular snorkelling and diving too, particularly around the Andaman Coast reefs. It’s not all about spas and golf courses, though: Thailand still offers the chance to get away from it all, on quiet island hideaways like Koh Kood off the Eastern Seaboard, Ang Thong National Marine Park off the Gulf Coast, or the Tarutao Islands in the Andaman Sea. More Info…



Thailand’s tropical landscape shelters some of Southeast Asia’s most charismatic and endangered wildlife, including tigers, Asian elephants, Malayan tapirs, clouded leopards, and hornbills. Its diverse array of habitat types range from montane, seasonal, and moist evergreen forests, to deciduous and deciduous-pine forests, to swamps and mangroves. Although most of the country’s remaining forests are fragmented, they are now largely protected in national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Thailand’s protected area network has been well established over the course of half a century, and remains one of the strongest systems in Southeast Asia. More Info…



Thailand is considered a tourist spot that everyone would like to experience. Large amount of tourists all over the world know about prominent tourist spots i.e. Phuket, Koh Samui and Koh Phi Phi (PP Island) but in actuality, Thailand still has many hidden paradise waiting to be explored.

While these areas attract the most visitors, a good Thailand travel guide will most certainly point out that this fabulous country has much more to offer and taking the road less traveled to some lesser known Thailand locations could lead to some amazing new discoveries and adventures. More Info…