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The go go bars in Soi Cowboy in Bangkok follow the pattern common in Thailand: alcoholic drinks are served and women in bikinis dance on a stage. Topless or even nude dancing occasionally occurs in some bars, but remains technically illegal. Most of the dancers are also prostitutes and will join a customer if he pays a “bar fine” to the bar and a separate fee to the woman. Sexual services usually take place in the tourist’s hotel room.

Soi Cowboy is considered by many to be the best go go bar area in Bangkok as it’s recently undergone a facelift and is now strewn with neon signs. Men seeking erotic entertainment in a relaxed atmosphere can find what they desire in the go-go bars and beer joints on Soi Cowboy. With nearly two dozen places where scantily clad Thai girls dance gracefully to the pounding beat of western pop music, and another dozen assorted beer bars and cafes, Soi Cowboy is a spot where a man can find a friendly female companion of astonishing beauty.

Soi Cowboy is often thought to have the best looking and sexiest girls of all the go-go bar areas of Bangkok but this varies from bar to bar. Soi Cowboy is a good choice if you’re going to go to a go-go bar. There are plenty of bars to choose from, places to eat, easy access via Skytrain and taxi and it makes for an enjoyable night out if you want to listen to some loud music and watch pretty Thai girls dance with little one.

Soi Cowboy is located just off Sukhumvit Road between Soi Asoke and Soi 23, within easy walking distance of the Asoke Skytrain station.



Soi Cowboy has a large and diverse selection of Bars

Baccara A go go Bar is famous for its second level which has a glass floor. Young girls dressed as school girls dance on the glass floor. They wear short skirts and no underwear and so anyone sitting in the bar area below can look up and get an interesting view although prolonged viewing can result in a very stiff neck. Occasionally, the girls dance naked upstairs.

Located at the Soi 23 end of Soi Cowboy directly opposite Rio.  Baccara has been remodeled and is bigger and better than before.  Baccara is a large go-go bar split over two levels.  To some degree Baccara is infamous for being a ‘Jap Trap’ but there are a large number of attractive go-go girls here.


Tilac A go go Bar is Soi Cowboy’s most crowded and popular bar: Blue neon signs, a glamor theme with many mirrors and cheap prices for drinks of all kinds make Tilac crowded from Happy Hour to closing time at 2 am in the morning. Even when most Thai bar girls have their barfine paid up, Tilac still jumps with customers who enjoy the fun that coincides with mirrors, bottomless dancers and entertaining musical sound system. Customers can still carry on a conversation while observing dancers on stage.

An interesting novelty for Soi Cowboy, it that Tilac Bar engages the services of some ‘coyote girls’. They are present on Fridays and Saturdays. Usually the coyote girls wear hotpants and some interesting tops. They do not all dance very well, but most do. Their dancing is a bit more stylized than what the regular bargirls offer, and often consists of jerky head and limbs movements. It actually looks rather classy than the usual Bangkok shuffle. Coyote dancers dance much better than the regular girls and are often more attractive but they will probably be willing to go with you if the price is right.


Deja Vu go go Bar is a fun place with a typical design – a long high stage with poles accommodating up to eight girls and a transparent ceiling above that doesn’t seem to be used very often. Unfortunately, shows seem to take place only at the end of the week (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays). Staff members are friendly, not pushy and rather more educated than average (that means that their English conversation goes beyond “what’s your name?”, “where you come from?” and “you buy me a drink?”).

You will also find pool tables, large TV screens and you can even make reservations for private parties at the entire second floor. Sister go-go bar to Spice Girls, Midnite, Rio, Kiss and Sahara.  Currently, Deja Vu has one of the best line-up out of its sisters. However, drinks are very expensive with local beers and spirits at 180 baht. A tequila lady drink is a stinger at 200 baht.


Midnight A go go Bar is one of the oldest establishments on Soi Cowboy. It has survived over 20 years of nightlife. Mnay other bars have changed names, but Midnite Bar still is the same. Late at night it hosts erotic shows mixed with regular agogo and tight coyote dancers. There is a small party area upstairs that can be used by small groups of customers for individual shows and events. Overall a pretty neat place. It was reported, girls may only go on barfine after two ladydrinks from the customer who pays the barfine. You gotta love their way of increasing prices by the backdoor.

One of the more popular bars owned by ‘The Man From Iran’.  This go-go bar does employ katoeys or lady-boys, so make sure that girl you are looking really is a woman! Again, be warned that drinks are the most expensive in Soi Cowboy.

Spice girls go go Bar is one of those bars on Soi Cowboy giving you what you want: Thai teen eye candy. Very sexy 19 and 20 year old coyotee dancers that perform in hotpants and tight tops. You can buy them drinks between their shifts and put some bills inside their bra for a tip if you are in a spending mood. They won’t go with you on barfine! Coyote dancers don’t accept barfines. They receive a higher salary than regular dancers. Maybe some charming guy can sweet-talk his way into getting their phone numbers, but that’s about as far as it goes.

Spice Girls Bar has a Largest Dancing Glass Floor in Bangkok with Mirror on Dancing floor on first floor. Spice Girls plays the most new and old POP Songs with Disco Pub Bar Atmosphere using Laser technologies. You can find Pool table on 2nd floor and spend time with Spicy Go Go Ladies While Watching the Coyotes Dancers. It is under the same ownership as Spice Girls, Deja Vu, Kiss, Midnite, rio and Sahara.


Rawhide go go Bar is the first bar on the right if you enter Soi Cowboy from Asoke road. It is the sister bar of Long Gun. For a long while, the bar was not as successful but lately there are many more customers. The bar has a lot of shows on offer nowadays. The girls doing the sexy show are usually quite attractive.
Shows are scheduled throughout the evening. In between, there is ‘just’ regular dancing on stage. The girls don different outfits with each dancing round. Usually they start with a particular outfit, then slowly strip during subsequent songs, and end up dancing in the nude b the end of the cycle.



Shebas go go Bar is another go go bar with long stage with eight to ten shiny poles and a transparent ceiling. Friendly staff, not pushy. Girls wear less than in other bars, but as usual, everything depends on the time and circumstances. Shows are usually performed at the end of the week when there are enough customers and sometimes include a four-girl lesbian show and a slightly acrobatic and nicely executed four-girl pole dance set to rock music. Also features sexotic shows including the body painting show, which is a rarity nowadays.  Although the majority of go-go girls are deemed as average, they are farang friendly and the show is no holds barred!



Afterskool Bar is one of the smaller bars of Soi Cowboy. It is located around the middle of the Soi on the left side if you enter from Asoke road. Afterskool is one of the smaller bars of Soi Cowboy. It is located around the middle of the Soi on the left side if you enter from Asoke road. Naughty nubiles dressed as schoolgirls provide a ‘hands-on’ service.  The ‘Naughty Boys Corner’ is rather naughty to say the very least!  The ‘students’ here are proficient in manual work and oral examinations.  A favorite pit stop for those needing some human plumbing.  Both the beers and the babes are reasonably priced.



Long Gun go go Bar is a long established and very popular bar. It’s been refurbished recently and is / was one of the few bars where sex shows still went on / go on. Whether the shows happen is down to the political climate as some governments seem to crack down harder than others. Some weeks you can go and get the whole scene and others it’s a lot tamer due to police raids and new regulations. Still going strong after several decades.  Deemed by veterans as an institution in Soi Cowboy and also in Bangkok’s naughty nightlife scene. The ‘magic pussy shows’ are a complete turn off for some people, but they do have some lovely dolly birds.  Long Gun did look about 100 years old, but it has been thoroughly renovated. Long Gun still draws a good crowd on a nightly basis.  I try to avoid the ‘genital gymnastics’ but I really enjoy the Rock Show.  The Rock Show consists of a string of classic rock songs, where the showgirls perform some fantastic acrobatic acts.  A terrific Happy Hour, but standard drinks have been raised to 150 baht.


Dollhouse go go Bar is located in the center of the Soi on the left hand side if you enter from Asoke Road. A popular go-go bar from when it first emerged in Clinton Plaza.  Dollhouse has always had a reputation for attractive go-go dancers. The Dollhouse Soi Cowboy is run by the same people as the  Dollhouse in Walking Street Pattaya. Besides the gogo bar inside there is a newly renovated outdoor bar area. For those guys who like their bar girls top heavy, Dollhouse is the right pleasure palace. Dollhouse run a ‘Crazy Hour’ up until 9:30pm.  Standard drinks are ONLY 70 Baht.  With Dollhouse it is best to get in earlier rather than later.  Later on many of the best go-go dancers have been taken and the ‘Crazy Hour’ has ended.  The ‘Crazy Hour’ is great for the customers, but rather self-defeating for Dollhouse.  This is a good go-go bar to start your rounds in Soi Cowboy.


Shark go go Bar is renowned for having a collection of among the most attractive go-go dancers in Bangkok. With a large number of glamorous go-go girls, this is one of the best gogo bars for eye candy in the whole of Bangkok.  At times the techno music leaves a lot to be desired, but I suppose you can’t have everything. Not as many Thai girls as previously, but the overall talent level remains very high. Shark is now split over two levels, but the downstairs is far better. Well worth a visit on your go-go bar rounds.




Rio go go Bar was formerly Our Place Go-Go Bar but has been completely renovated. It’s a nice Go-Go Bar with a central stage, a few smaller stages and seats all around. It is the first bar you see entering soi 23 on the left. The girls and dancers are a bit tiny, older and black skinned. It is under the same ownership as Spice Girls, Deja Vu, Kiss, Midnite, rio and Sahara. They mix Bar Girls and Coyote Dancers: Bar Girls (at Rio) are less than average looking girls who dance on the stage, drink with you and can be barfined.




Cactus go go Bar is a small go-go bar located approximately ninety metres down the street to your right should you enter from Asoke Road. It’s the one before Dundee Bar. Although a little shabby in appearance, it sure makes up in farang friendly charm.

The girls here also tend to be more mature and are not at all pushy. These ladies don’t constantly harass you for drinks. Rather than that, they are far more willing to share their time with you if you do decide to buy them drinks. If a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere is what you looking for, then head on down to this one.



Country Road is the first bar on the street to your left should you enter from Asoke Road. This particular bar will entertain you with live music which makes it extremely popular amongst expats, so much so that the premises have increased considerably in size. Its popularity is attributed to the “cheap beer” on offer but you’ll only get this during happy hour. If you are feeling a tad thirsty, try a litre pitcher as they can be pretty good value. Did I mention that the music is free!
































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