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Phuket’s go go bars are not as numerous as those in Pattaya or Bangkok, there are still plenty of choices for some seedy fun on the island. Phuket go-go bars add to the carnival atmosphere of Patong at night and many of the bars on the small lanes (sois) off Bangla feature girls dancing on a tiny stage, or sometimes the bar itself which can be highly entertaining and are a strongly recommended experience for any visitor to Phuket.

Phuket go go bars are similar to the gogo bars in the rest of Thailand; with a long stage featuring girls in varying degrees of undress dancing with varying degrees of enthusiasm for the enjoyment of tourists of varying degrees of intoxication.

Patong’s pulsating nightlife never fails to attract curious visitors every evening. Like a magnet, it’s hard to resist a wander down Soi Bangla – the heart of bar scene where girls, neon lights and deafening music compete for your attention. Over a hundred bars ranging from beer bars (girlie bars), Go-Go bars, nightclubs, pubs are condensed into the small action packed area fondly known as “Bangla” where the only priority is to have a good time.

Bangla Road in Patong is the nightlife hub of Phuket. It is a heaving mass of bars, restaurants, go-gos and discos. Bangla Road is the center of the girly bar activity but also has plenty of other nightlife venues.

If you walk up Bangla Road from the beach road then on the right hand side is a line of open-faced beer bars. Most of them have girls working but because they are on the street they do not have the feel of the full on girly bars. They are great bars for watching the comings and goings on Bangla Road.

Karon is often described as ‘Patong’s little sister’ and in some ways this description is apt: Karon has its own version of Patong’s raunchy Soi Bangla – only on a smaller scale and it has its dining locations, only fewer than Patong.

Most of the nightlife is centered in the bars off Patak Road near the northern traffic circle and three kilometers to the south on and just off Luang Poh Chuan Road.











































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