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Pattaya nightlife can only be described as off the scale! Yes, beyond comparison!

Anyone who has ever experienced the nightlife in Pattaya will tell you, that regardless of whatever it is you wish to do on your evenings out and whichever type of entertainment you are looking for, Pattaya can provide exactly what you are after.

Pattaya’s four- kilometer Beach Road is one long entertainment zone. South Pattaya is where you can still find Pattaya’s legendary after dark reputation, especially the area called Walking Street. Fairy lights and neon- lit signs advertise go-go bars, beer bars and massage parlors, all of which provide party animals with a non-stop playground.

The nightlife in Pattaya and the constant party atmosphere that it creates are without doubt one of the main reasons why so many people visit this amazing city. However Pattaya has gained a certain reputation over the years, this is mainly due to the abundance of girlie bars and beer bars that can be found in so many parts of the city, and also the wild stories of sex and prostitution.

There are literally hundreds of go-go bars, especially in South Pattaya, Walking Street, and on both sides of Second Road. A few with names like Classroom A Go-Go (skirts, ponytails, white socks) Lipstick A Go-Go (tequila shots, Jacuzzi room) and Tahitian Queen (thigh high boots, rock & roll) aim to draw you in, but they end up looking exactly the same.

There are plenty of girls, shows and bar games. A ‘bar fee’ is required to escort the young lady (usually between 300 – 600 baht), then for what, and how much you pay, is between the two of you. Drinks are usually around 100 baht (beer, shot, or mixer) and admission is free.























































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