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Patpong is Bangkok’s most famous, and longest running nightlife area.  It is hard to imagine that in such a small area you can find such a huge variety of bars, and believe us when we say that whatever you fancy, you’ll find it at Patpong!

The main Patpong area is two sois (soi = lane in English) that run between Silom and Suriwong Roads, two of the main roads in the business district of Bangkok.  Each lane is about 250 metres long and is lined with bars of all sorts.  You’ll find Bangkok’s world famous gogo bars where beautiful Thai women dance to the latest hits.  There are open air beer bars where you can sit back and watch the world go by while enjoying the company of some of the lovely hostesses.  There are live venues and of course there are specialty bars.

Patpong has over 100 bars spread along Patpong Soi 1, Soi 2 and the Boardwalk above Soi 2. The vast majority of the ground floor bars are simple go-go bars, with bikini-clad (sometimes less) girls gyrating on raised stages. Most popular are the King’s Group bars, Safari, Superstar, Gold Finger’s, etc. Expect the girls to approach you for drinks. Most drinks, including beers and ladies’ drinks, cost in the 80-100 baht range, and bar fines for taking girls out of the place are 400 or 500 baht (this does not include any extracurricular activities). Lounge bars in the area, such as Cosmos and Crown Royal, have hostesses rather than go-go dancers. They charge around the same for drinks.









































 Some of Patpong’s Go Go Bars


The Kings Camelot A go go is located in Patpong Soi one and is owned by the Kings Group, the new redesign outside looks fancy but the bar inside still looks the same after 20 years. Nice line up of ladies on a not so large stage (13 Girls a shift). The advantage of the Kings group bars is all beers are 100 THB every time, disadvantage is that they are a bit pushy with lady drinks.




King Castle 1 a go go bar is right k in the middle of the action in Patpong, the bar is always packed with tourist looking for a wild night in Bangkok.  You can find some real stunners here some of the best looking working girls in Bangkok but at a price.  The girls here are with out a doubt business women and know exactly what they are worth.  They play new pop music and they play it load, the bar is big but most times very packed.




Club Electric Blue is one of the most modern gogo bars in the Patpong area and is located on Soi 2 next to Foodland and just 60 meters from Silom Road, in the spot where the ever popular Rafifi used to be found. It is owned by expatriates with significant experience in the industry.





Queens Castle is the last place left in Bangkok where you can see a ping pong show, dart shooting, horn blowing show etc. That is with the exception of Queens castle 2 across the soi.  A lot of older women, mixed with the young. This bar looks like it hasn’t changed in 30years and same old show won’t entertain unless you are a “newbie”. The music was some 80’s techno which didn’t suit.




Bar Bar is a fetish club. If you are interested in BDSM or just want to try something different, this Bar might suit you. It is very private as the first drink price will keep the lookers out. Everyone gets a show/ display of your typical “S and M” scene. From candle wax, to spanking and rope bondage.
You can even participate if you wish. Plenty of Mistresses and slaves to keep you happy and package deals with the lady or ladies of your choice can be had in the upstairs private rooms or dungeon (yes there is a real dungeon up stairs).



Goldfinger is one of the better bars in Patpong and is our number one choice of clubs to chill and hang for while.  There are a few noticeable differences with this bar compared to others in Patpong.  The first being the music, they play only classic rock and roll, so if you’re not into this type of music then this would not be the place for you. The second, which I think is the most important, the girls are friendly as hell here, you go to other clubs and most seem to have this “I don’t give a shit just give me your money” look on their faces but at Goldfinger they seem to have gotten past that somehow.  The bar itself is roomy enough and the women range from good looking to average to some stunners.



Kiss Bar A gogo is located in Patpong, and has a long reputation for playing old school rock music. The DJ can play requests and the music is generally very good if you like Hardrock. Girls attitude is nice and there are some beauties there dancing the night away. Staff is very friendly.