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Nana Plaza is a complex of around 60 bars and gogo bars situated just off of sukumvit road in soi 4 close to BTS NANA Station. Nana offers three floors of nightlife activity around a central square. There are mixtures of beer bars showing sports where you can sit relax and talk to the girls, bars where you can play pool, be careful some of these girls are excellent pool players, and finally the gogo bars give this area a good feel. There used to be more naked dancing, but these changes depending on the mood of the local police.

The first floor has a lot of busy and exciting bars, including Rainbow 2, Playskool, Rainbow 1. On the left in the middle you will find Pretty Girls bar. The Rainbow bars at ground level are invariably busy.

On the second floor, G-Spot, a large bar is in the right far corner. Next to G-spot is one of the most crowded bars on the Plaza, Rainbow 4. In the left far corner is Casanova, a well known ladyboy (katoey) bar. On the left side, you will find the rather flashy (by Nana standards) newly decorated Spankys, and Angel Witch, long famous for its choreographed shows.

The third floor offers less bars. On the left the large Carousel bar, which has shows on offer. On the right and the far right corner you have Carnival and Cascade bars respectively, both featuring mainly (or only) ladyboys.

Nana Plaza is more expensive than Patpong (less and less relevant, though known by name) and used to be more expensive than Soi Cowboy, but not anymore. In most larger bars, beer is priced at 120-150 baht, as are most liquor drinks. Soft drinks and lady drinks are now also above the 100 baht barrier, sometimes much higher.

The dress code in the go-go bars is a mixture of bikinis, mono bikinis & birthday suits.







































Big Dogs is the first bar on your left as you enter the  complex.  It has the best location for observing the comings and goings in both Nana Plaza and along Soi Nana. It comes as little surprise that Big Dog’s Bar draws a reasonably busy crowd from early evening until closing time. Big Dogs Bar operates with two shifts of bar girls. Still remains the most popular beer bar in Nana Plaza. The friendly Canadian Walter is doing a good job of running Big Dog’s Bar with his Thai team. Big Dogs Bar has two plasma TV screens, which show major sports events. They stock a good range of bottled beers and spirits. Friendly bargirls are an added bonus, although Big Dog’s has less attractive bar girls than previously.


Lollipop go go Bar is a great place with a long history. Currently, Lollipop has a replenished line-up of cute go-go girls. Some of the dolly birds are farang friendly. This place can get quite lively and the outside bar is another good people watching spot, occasionally worth a visit. Unfortunately, the katoey management insist on a policy of harassing customers for drinks. You need to be aware of that. Lollipop is yet another go-go bar owned by the Crown Group.



Rainbow 4 is one of the larger gogo bars and currently the most popular with over 100 girls dancing. Of the four Rainbows in Nana, Rainbow 4 is the largest and most popular. The crowd is mainly Japanese which tends to spoil the girls and send both short time and long time rates higher than other GoGo bars in the complex. Because of this (all the) Rainbows are often described as “Great for perving not for pulling”.




Angelwitch is one go-go bar that remains consistently busy all year round. It is quite simply a go-go bar for all seasons; come rain or shine Angelwitch attracts the crowds. During the past few months Angelwitch has taken on a number of new go-go dancers. Also, there are some new faces among the Showgirls, which will help to embellish the stage shows. Currently Showtime starts at 10:00 PM and runs for at least 3 hours nightly.

The bar can get pretty crowded – a victim of its own success I guess, but like so many things it really depends on when you visit. The girls range in quality, there are certainly a few stunners here but also a few at least approaching their sell-by date. Still, everyone’s taste is different! Barfine is ฿600 (US $16.08), the girls’ prices vary wildly – some have quoted me almost double what others have wanted.
Overall, very much recommended – but perhaps not somewhere to drink the whole night , unless you want to spend top dollar!


DC 10 is situated on the second floor at Entertainment Nana in Bangkok, Thailand. Not a new go go venue but been remodeled and refurbished to look like an inside airplane in Bangkok. Located at the left hand and between the Casanova and the Sexy Night you find the DC 10 go go bar. The DC 10 opens every day from 20.00 pm till 03.00 am. This venue is inspired from the well know Airport go go bar in Pattaya.




G-Spot is located on the second floor of Nana Plaza, at the right end corner. This is a nice and clean Gogo with 2 stages and always at least 10 to 12 girls. The Mamasan is a bit pushy about the drinks, and they have a bad habit that the girl will not stay with you and drink if she has to dance. G-spot is not full of stunners, but they have a few pretty girls from time to time. They also kind of specialize in chubby girls with large breast.




Billboard gogo Bar is the latest addition to Bangkok’s go-go bar scene. The recently opened show bar is situated on the top level in Nana Plaza. A great new bar and it’s now worth coming up to the third floor. Fantastic babes in the Jacuzzi all night long, Good lighting and sound. many girls and customers too. If you are not familiar with the history of the gogo bars in Thailand’s naughty nightlife, this was formerly Hollywood Carousel Go-Go Bar.

The carousel (rotating go-go stage) remains, but Billboard proudly presents Bangkok’s biggest and best Jacuzzi. Yep, you guessed it, they’ve gone wet and wild! Adjacent to the Jacuzzi is a shower unit that includes lighting effects. Spectators close to the action see sexy Thai girls wrapped in bubbly suds. The Billboard babes are ‘unfairly’ applying the soap-a-dope trick. It’s the ultimate bird bath!


Spankys Go-Go Bar is situated on the left-hand side next to Angelwitch Go-Go Bar. Although small in comparison to some go-go bars, Spankys has brought fun ‘n’ frolics back to Nana Plaza. It also features sexotic shows on a  nightly basis. Spankys was refurbished a while ago, with more comfortable sofa seats and a purpose-built shower unit.

Unlike other Go go bars, Spankys encourages customers to climb on the stage, to play with the girls, to be part of the show. Spankys has loaded up with go-go girls and are doing a brisk trade. Upon entering, be prepared to get a spanking Spankys style! Still very busy on a nightly basis.



Voodoo bar is located on the ground floor of Nana Plaza in the far left corner. It is one of the bigger bars on the ground floor. The dancing stage is rather huge. The middle part consists of a rotating carousel, a very common feature in all the bars of the Crown group. This rotating carousel is more than shoulder high, so when sitting you will have to really stretch your neck to ‘look up’ to the girls. The dancing style of the girls is very similar to the style at G-spot. The girls have more space to dance than in most other bars, so they usually do just something more than the classic Bangkok shuffle. Voodoo has completely changed format to ‘post op’ lady boys (transsexuals). There are a number of glamorous katoeys (Thai for ladyboys) to be found here. Voodoo becomes the fifth lady boy bar in Nana Plaza.















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