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Thailand is renowned for its nightlife and one of the best things about going out in Thailand is that there are usually lots of different scenes to choose from. While there are lots of trendy discos and high-end nightclubs in tourist-heavy spots, there are also local clubs and watering holes everywhere. Thailand is a relaxed country full of friendly people who believe “sanook” (fun) is an important part of life, so it’s no surprise that when you do go out you’ll find people going all out. It’s also a country where people aren’t afraid to put down a few drinks, usually in the form of local Thai beers or whiskey.

With its mixture of exoticism, romance, sense of adventure and plain excitement, nightlife in Thailand is unique. Of course, anyone who has never been to Thailand instantly conjures up visions of A Go-Go bars and sleazy back alley massage parlors; it’s true but not wholly representative of a country that has beautiful traditional dancing, an irrepressible culinary scene and lively bars and nightclubs.

From fantastic costumes and gorgeous girls, pumping beats and delicious cocktails to simply relaxing under the stars, Thailand offers a wide range of entertainment options for those out and about in the evening.

Most of the more vibrant nightlife can be found in Bangkok, but there are also colorful options in Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai and large towns. On the islands, wild beach parties and bar hopping form the main types of entertainment. Koh Pha-Ngan, on east coast of south Thailand , is home to the famous full moon parties.

Here is a Rundown on Some of the Types of Entertainment Available


If you are coming to Bangkok, you are probably going to want to go see the famous Go Go Bars here with all the beautiful women. In Bangkok there are three locations that are night life areas that have a lot of Go Go Bars in them. They Are: Patpong on Silom Road; Nana Plaza on Sukhumvit Soi 4; and Soi Cowboy on Sukhumvit Soi 23. Patpong is probably the most internationally famous because it was the place where American GI’s went for R & R during the Vietnam war. Patpong is very crowded and tough to walk around in, and there are a lot of transvestites working in the bars there, but some people love Patpong. Nana Plaza is 4 levels and packed with Go Go Bars and Beer Bars, it is probably the most active area in Bangkok, it is really something to see. Soi Cowboy (pictured) above, is the smallest and most wide open of the night life areas, it is a favorite for expats because it is not too crowded.

































Cabaret Shows can be found in the cities and large tourist areas. This is an extremely colorful affair where dozens of stunning women dance on stage in dazzling sequin covered outfits. Thailand also offers Tiffany Shows, a own unique twist on the traditional cabaret show. Now world famous, these transvestite or ‘lady boy’ shows are extremely entertaining. The performers are stunning and the shows contain comedy and dramatic displays as well as singing and dancing.




Karaoke Bars can be found all over Thailand. Imported from Isaan, these bars specialize in loud Isaan music, flashing coloured lights and sexily dressed women crooning on stage. Many bars also have a selection of Western songs and Westerners are welcome to sing, although be aware that a charge for this is often included in your bill.

Full Moon Parties are another Thai speciality. The most famous of these can be found on Koh Phangan, where is it so popular that they now hold a half moon party as well. Other good places to party on the beach include Koh Phi Phi and Raleigh Beach. Bars usually play loud music until dawn and you can expect a selection of DJs, spectacular decorations and fire shows.




Most of the bigger places with an international crowd hire western DJs and organize special events. Music style varies from day to day. Most clubs have hip-hop nights and other specials. Clubs are equipped with the latest techniques and can provide top quality tone and light effects.

The kind of people does vary depending on the location. Famous places such as Q-bar, the Bed Club, Mystique, Hard Rock Café and some others do attract mostly expats, some travelers and many long term holiday makers but also a local crowd who make up about 50 percent.


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