Is it Safe to Travel to Thailand for Vacation?

Are you wondering if it is safe to travel to Thailand right now? The answer is a resounding yes. People from all over the world go to see the fantastic country of Thailand. As it is in traveling anywhere else, you have to be alert and have enough sense to get in and out of different places safely and in one piece, so to speak.

All tourists are welcome here especially families on vacation. Occasional crimes happen, but the place is safer than most western countries in a general sense. As far as crimes go, most of the problems include scams, petty theft and intentional travel accidents.




Thailand is considered to be one of the favorite travel destinations of most tourists to Asia. There must be a clear reason for this. Well for one, the sights are absolutely amazing. There are all sorts of wonderful surroundings such as a thick, luscious green jungle and forest as well as clear blue waters that can give you a warm bathing experience. The food excites the taste buds and can stimulate all your senses.  Tea is a favorite drink in Thailand, so no matter what your cup of tea is, you will surely find it in Thailand.

Once you are there for even a day, you will realize it is indeed safe to travel to Thailand. The country is an exotic place, yet it is safe and cheap. Thailand is equipped with all the modern amenities that you can ever need. If you are on a budget, surely there is one that could suit you.

There is practically something for all price brackets. A beachfront bungalow is perfect for the backpacker in you. On the other hand, there are also some of the chic, sophisticated and luxurious hotels this side of the world.

In spite of the heavy wave of tourists, Thailand is able to retain their ethnic Thai culture. They have a colorful history and the people are known for their charming smiles and their fun-seeking lifestyle. When you come to visit, you may end up feeling like you should extend your stay. You can always find a reason to visit for a longer time.




So far we have covered the good parts but Thailand has its downside too. One is the traffic jams. Thailand is an economy that is still progressing and one of the growing pains is the big contrast between the poor and the rich. Unfortunately, some of the criminals in sketchy areas prey on vulnerable tourists. Having a bit of common sense goes a long way so definitely do not loiter around areas that are notorious for heavy crime. It is also a good idea to have a “dummy wallet” just in case a pick-pocket tries to steal your money. By the time, they realize it’s a dummy wallet, they will be far from you.

Should you prefer to go bar hopping, you can just drink and be merry. Be careful though, you never want to get drunk enough to end up in a fight with the staff or locals. Remember, even though Thai people are welcoming, they definitely will take offense to an obnoxious, drunk tourist.

Thais have a happy go lucky lifestyle and they celebrate a lot of holidays. Thai New Year is celebrated officially around April 13 to 15. You can join in the fun. Wear something dark as light colored and white clothes are transparent when wet. This celebration has turned into a water fight so if you don’t like to get wet, stay out of the roads. Everybody gets wet there. Riding bikes and motorcycles is also very common in Thailand.  If you are planning to do so, wear the proper gear and helmet. So now when somebody asks you if it’s safe to travel to Thailand, you already know the answer is absolutely.


Source: Thailand Travel World


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